100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #59 Be your own hero~


Oh my darling fox,

Sometimes I find quotes or sayings that inspire me to write things that I feel are important. When I find a treasure like this one, I usually think of you. Then I think, what a great life lesson..and from there I write.


You know, I use to believe that when I met a man and got married I would be whole. I thought it would be him who would carry me through my difficult times. My husband would make absolutely everything better. In reality, and with a slap in the face I learned fairly quickly that I was the one responsible to pick myself up, he would only hold me up once I got there.

Let me explain, I don’t want to sound like your father wasn’t supportive, protective, caring and nurturing. We both know that without him, I wouldn’t be who I am today. He has and always will be my rock, and when my life fell a part on days that he was at work, the moment he came home I would immediately feel a peace come over me. I knew everything in the world would be ok again.

To this day, it still feels this way. I am so blessed.

But with all this said fox, there has been many times when it has been my own arms that have had to lift myself up. Honestly as heavy as it may have been at the time, it was the best life lesson I could have learned. You must be able to sit down with only yourself and understand that under any conditions you are going to be ok.

Another important perspective is to remember that most people are fighting a battle that you know nothing about. So do not put expectations on others to hold you up when you are down. If someone does show up to help you, that’s wonderful. Appreciate their time, and always be thankful. If you find yourself wanting to help someone, make the time. Having the chance to step up and support someone is one of the most selfless acts you can do. Just don’t loose yourself in the process. Always remember to save some strength in your core for the battles you will fight.
So I do believe that I may have already done a post similar to this one. But I still feel this topic is so important. I find these days too many people rely on others to “help” them out. To help fix their problems, or even take their situations from them and make them yours.
I want you to always remember as a young, confident, sophisticated woman the importance of being able to care for you~

My hope is that someday you find yourself with a husband as wonderful as your father. A man who will highlight your strengths and underline your weakness. A man who will absolutely pick you up when you need that, and one who will stand silently beside you while you learn to be a stronger, better you~

Until next time Fox, good night and god bless~

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