February 15th~ The Movie You Tell Your Friends To Watch.

I don’t believe there is any movie that I would tell my friends to watch. Sadly we are all mid-late 40″s and movies aren’t as important as they once were.

I truly don’t think there is any movie I would recommend. I will say if I were to get excited over a movie and tell someone to watch it, it would be a scary one. I love horror films, every time a new one comes out I can’t wait too see it.

Halloween is my absolute favourite time of the year, and I look forward to all the new scary movies released during the fall season.

Short and sweet tonight friends, its Friday and I’m tired. So my lovelies until next time, good night and god bless~

February 14th~Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day To You…

How has your Valentine’s day been my friends? Today has been a good day in my house, I surprised Braden and Cam with some Valentine treats in Braden’s luggage. I got a lovely text from Braden saying thank you and he loves me. Kailey recieved some treats and a card from Paul and I…she loves candy, not much of a chocolate lover so we surprised her with candies. I have had 25 Valentines with Paul….we have not missed one. Every valentines day we have been happy and together, that’s a blessing and something I am very proud of. It has been important to both of us that we treat each Valentine’s day like it was our first, it has been important to us to not become mundane in our celebrations and continue to surprise eachother with a small gift, dinner or flowers. We have got creative through the years..we have had those valentine’s where money was an issue. We have had to cook dinner at home, we have made gifts for eachother, we have wrote letters, dipped strawberries and drank wine, locked ourselves in our bedroom, lit candles and had some quiet moments, we have made dinner with the kids and included them in our celebrations and we even were in Mexico one year for Valentines day. We have missed eachother on the 14th, but we made up for the lost time on a different date. I can always count on beautiful flowers and a card that makes me smile, maybe this year…sit down with your spouce/partner and try to think of each year you have spent together and recount all your valentine celebrations. Paul and I have done that and we have shared in some pretty funny memories. I wanted to post a few ideas that I found on Pinterest to share on my blog..especially for those who may be struggling financially…its not always about the gift, most importantly its about the time you give eachother. Its about laughing, smiling and quiet times spent between the two of you. Even if you have young children…include them in your famly valentines dinner, let them help out in the kitchen. We use to do this with our kids, and I would play “Love Songs” in the kitchen and we would talk about romance, love and relationships..but only at their “kid” level..you can never start to young expressing the importance of how you deserve to be treated…and/or how you should treat those you love…including yourself..if you so happen have to spend a valentines day alone, treat yourself…be good to yourself, thats ok..and its important! 
I found this cute, cheap idea that I thought I would share…you could totally get white cheap pillow cases at Walmart, Target or even the Dollarstore..
I am sure you could even find Fabric Markers at those stores as well..but seriously, you could totally do this on your own..what a cheap, cute inexpensive idea for a Valentines gift for your love~

This was originally what I wanted to do for Paul…I mean how easy is this and what man wouldn’t love a bag of peanuts and a cool bottle of  beer? Perfect..right?

This is something that i would love to do for Paul next year…he would LOVE this..especially the cigar…the beer glass i would have engraved I think. Make it a bit more personal. 

 Well my friends, Whatever you do today and whoever you are with..i am wishing you lots of love and happiness, smile plenty, hug tight and kiss strongly. Much love to you my lovelies..until tomorrow good night and god bless~

February 13th~Do you work better in the morning

I work better in the morning. I always have. I am an early riser, I like to get up early and have everything finished that needs to be done by 10am.

My typical morning routine is this. I get up at 6:15am (working on an earlier time), have my tea, toast and watch some news. Then I hit the treadmill for 7:30, usually done by 8:45 am, shower, walk the dogs and finished my morning routine by 10:30am. That’s when I can start the rest of my day. Emails, phone calls, appointments, groceries etc etc…the day fills up pretty quickly.

My dream would be to be up at 6am and on the treadmill by 6:15am…that my friends would be the perfect morning. đŸ™‚

Well its actually been a busy day, I would love to sit and chat a bit longer but I’m exhausted. So until tomorrow my lovelies, good night and god bless~

February 12th~What Destinations do you dream of travelling too?

The world is simply far too big for me to even think for one second I have a clue all the places I would love to see. There is probably 1/2 the world I am unaware exists.

My daughter recently travelled to Morocco, and Portugal. I would love to someday visit there.

I believe my number one Bucket list item for travel is Tanzania, Africa. I would love to stay at the Taasalodge where you can have breakfast with giraffes. There is a African safari tour in jeeps amongst jungle wildlife. That my friends would be a absolutely amazing.

I truly have been blessed to have travelled to some pretty awesome places. This past summer we travelled to Alaska which was a bucket list place. It was one of the most exciting places we’ve been. So beautiful, open air, fresh and stunningly serene.

Is there any place you’d love to visit that you have not yet? I’m sure there are many more places, but if I had to state my first and most challenging to get too it would be Tanzania Africa to drink tea with the giraffes~

Until tomorrow my lovelies, good night and god bless~

February 10th~What is your favourite book?

Ohhh man, I love to read!!! I have so many books that I love, I don’t think I could pick just one.

Honestly, I have read a lot. I suppose one that comes to mind when asked about significant books would be the Christopher Reeve book “Still Me”

I read that book a very long time ago, but it was a book that I could easily relate too.

I remember it was April 1995, and Paul and I were sitting in a Burger King in Brampton Ont. awaiting a court date. On the news, as we sat there having some breakfast it had announced that Christopher Reeves had been injured and sustained a spinal cord injury. It was predicted that he would be paralyzed from the neck down. He was in hospital doing tests, needed a breathing tube, conscious but in serious condition.

Ironically at that time, literally one month earlier I was in a car accident which resulted in my infant son sustaining a C2 Spinal Cord Injury. As we sat there in Burger King, watching the news about Christoper Reeves lying in a hospital bed unable to move anything below his neck, our son was in the exact same state. Our little 16 month old baby was lying in an ICU hospital room in Hamilton Ont. with my parents who were “babysitting” him while I had been subpoenaed to court.

I would not have imagined leaving him there that day, he was still in grave condition. I did try to get out of the court that day but it was a very serious situation and I didn’t want to let the little girl down who I was testifying for. You see, about 5 months prior to my accident a little girl in my preschool classroom had told me her father had touched her in places he wasn’t suppose too. It shattered my world. I could not believe I was hearing this. My heart broke for her. Her mother did press charges, and I was one of the witnesses.

I had to be there. I just hated leaving Braden at the hospital, although I knew he was in good hands. We had the best nurses and my parents were there with him. Luckily the crown attorney took my statement and let me leave. I didn’t have to stay, they felt terrible about my circumstances and let me go.

On this day however, I remember not feeling so alone. As sad as i had felt for Superman, I had finally not been alone. The news was spreading and Spinal Cord Injuries became in the forefront. The world was quickly learning about Spinal Cord Injury.

Still Me was a book that helped me accept our fate. It gave me permission to laugh at things that not many would even consider laughing at. The book gave me insight on how Braden may be feeling eventually as a young man with a spinal cord injury. It gave me some hope for his future and it allowed me to be angry.

I’m not sure if it was my favourite book, but I can say it was the book with the biggest impact and the book that I could relate to the most. I’m sad he has passed, Christopher Reeves was more than Superman to me he was hope~

Well my lovelies, until tomorrow good night and god bless~

February 9th~Five things to do more often

Day 9~

Five things to do more often, once again I will start with the fifth idea and count down. Number 1 being the most important to me.

5. Organize- I need to organize my life. I feel very unsettled right now in life, I have so apples in the air I don’t even know where to start. I just can’t find the energy either, whenever I try to start to organize I get side tracked and then I get discouraged. I’m going to work on this…start with one thing at a time.

4. Exercise- Now, you think this would be my number one. But honestly, I exercised every day. What I would like to do is exercise with more substance. I need more. I’d love to start a Pilates class, or maybe start lifting some weights…i don’t know. I’m working towards it though.

3. Eating Healthier- this one…this is something that could be number one. It’s not that I eat poorly, I just eat too much sugar. I have an addiction to sugar. Another thing I’d like to do is eat less meat. I would love to start meatless Monday’s back. That’s something I can do….I’ll start this coming Monday.

2. Blogging- I’m loving this daily challenge of blogging. I use to blog daily, for years~

I suppose its a lot different today, i can’t really blog about my family anymore. My kids are adults and have their own lives. I truly shouldn’t share their lives here, it wouldn’t be fair to them. So that makes it a bit more of a challenge. I have to be way more creative with my posts. I’m working on it.

1.Volunteer- This has been something very dear to my heart. I have always had some sort of volunteer position in my life. This is the first time I am not volunteering. I’m in between so much in life right now. Not sure where I’m going to be living in the next 6 months. So I can’t commit to anything. My hope is that I will be in Cambridge, possibly Kitchener. I have two ideas lined up for the fall. One is at a public school volunteering with a children’s reading program, and the other is at a teenage mother pregnancy home. Like i said, I’m not sure where I’ll be in six months so it will be interesting to see how all these things play out.

That’s it for today my lovelies, until tomorrow good night and god bless~

February 8th~ Five things To Do Less often

Five things that I would like to do less often? I will go in order of relevance to me. Five being the least important and one being the most~

5. Eat donuts….I would say Paul and I take a trip to our local donut shop once a week. Yep! We have one night a week where we eat some pretty amazing donuts. I suppose maybe we should cut that back to two times a month. Especially considering how hard it seems to be for me to loose some weight.

4. Shop On-line…I’m a shopper, and I love the online option. I wish I could possibly cut back on this. To be honest I’m mostly buying things for my dogs, its a terrible habit. I’m going to work on that.

3. Swearing….I’m a curser. I’m sorry. I do swear a lot, mostly while with friends while socializing and telling stories. I don’t typically swear while sitting at home with my family. I don’t just curse at my kids or my husband, i do have words. It’s just when I’m with friends, I tend to enhance a story with some F words.

2. Being so pessimistic…I definitely need to work on this. I am a very kind, loving person. I truly do want the best for people and I love to see friends and family happy. Unfortunately I do tend to think a bit negatively a little too often. I guess part of it is due to my PTSD, and I do work very hard at staying positive. I am not at all naive, and I am very suspicious of people. You pretty much have to prove to me first that you are a good person, until I see the good in you…i will hold you hostage and not let you too close.

1. Stop checking social media. I do a lot of my work from my phone and iPad. The job that I have is pretty much all related to communication and google searching. So i spend a lot of time on my phone. Sometimes when I’m waiting for someone, or waiting for a meeting I just hop on my phone and pop onto facebook. Takes two minutes, but I hate how it makes me feel. I need to stop. This one I will work on. Unfortunately I am not one of those people who can check facebook, instagram or twitter throughout the day and not comment, like or subscribe. Those people make me laugh, they claim that they are never on fb but you darn well know they are creeping around watching what’s going on in others life’s. I just can’t sit back and watch, I like to show support but liking a status or commenting on a picture. I like to support people and if that means thumbing up a status..then thats what I’ll do. I can’t scroll past consciously and ignore it. That’s who I am~

Well my lovelies, until next time..good night and god bless~