February 7th~What do you take care of yourself when you are stressed?

I am a talker, I like to talk things through when I am stressed. If I can find someone to listen, someone who I can trust then i like too talk my problems out.

I have an amazing psychologist who I have been seeing for a few years, he helps tremendously with issues that arise in my life. He also helps with my PTSD diagnosis.

One thing I do when I’m stressed is cook, I love nothing more than to get a new recipe and try it out. I love to be alone in my kitchen, no one home, music on and off I go. In my own little world.

I also love to listen to music, typically while I am cooking. But music for me is very important, it alone is therapy. I was raised with a mother who also played music as much as she could. It always felt safe when the music played, the demeanour in the house was happy. We loved music, and I continued to play it in my own home as my children grew.

I also enjoy watching YouTube, there is something about fluffing off to be alone and watching a good YouTube Channel. Whether its a family blogger or a paranormal channel, that kind of thing helps keep my mind off struggles.

Massage for me is a release of tension, and I am lucky enough to two massages a month.

I have to say, the number one thing I do for stress is run. I absolutely love my treadmill. I do manage to get on it everyday for an hour. It helps with back pain, my mental health and my overall state of being. If I could leave you with any advice it would be that any form of exercise is life changing. It’s not even about weight loss, its about the feeling of running off stress, anxiety and pain. Exercise is better than any drug.

I do have PTSD and my mental health at times is very fragile. I am constantly in a state of fight or flight and I am struggling greatly with anxiety.

I live a structured life, I find following a routine helps me cope and with daily life. Life is simple when i know what each day is going to bring, I plan out each day, it hasn’t always been like that but I have found the last couple years that its easier to cope if I have a plan.

I hope that I have left you with some ideas, if you are struggling with stress please take care of you~ As a mother I know its a challenge to find the time for you, kids, husbands, partners, pets and jobs take so much from us. It’s so very important to give back to you. Each day find some time for you, jump on the treadmill, read a book, write a blog, visit a psychologist or have coffee with a friend. Even if that means getting up long before anyone in your house wakes, do it…it will make a difference in your life.

Well my lovelies, until next time…good night and god bless~

February 6th~Name 3 small things that can change the world.

These questions are literally trying to kill me….I wish i could take more time to answer these questions, they are loaded.

I do want to put my very best into these posts but I’d need so much time to type the answers that i would like.

So I’m just going to answer these questions the best way I can with the amount of time I have.

3 small things that can change world…

1. Peace- we just need peace. We need people to respect one another and understand our differences.

2. Keep our world clean- we need to educate our human race on keeping this world clean. Stop polluting our water, our land and air. Each one of us could make small changes in helping keep or worked clean.

3. Bring back family values- I fear we have lost our family values. Where has the family unit gone? I don’t mean the traditional family, mom, dad and 2.5 kids. That’s not being reasonable or realistic. I don’t think there are rules when it comes to your family unit. It doesn’t matter who makes up your family. Any group of loving, caring committed people living together and functioning as a unit can be considered a family. Where I think its gone wrong is through connection. Have we lost our connectedness?

Are we so consumed with a busy life that we no longer take the time to connect with our family? We carry phones around all day, searching for the next connection on social media. Yet we sit comfortably still right next to our loves ones without reaching out and associating with them. We need to put down our technology, sit down at dinner tables, bring back the magic of Christmas and pull together our own sets of family values.

Well my lovelies, in a nutshell thats my story 🙂

Unitl next time, good night and god bless~

100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter…I Will Never Be Tired Of Being Your Mommy~

99. I will never be tired of being your mommy~

This one is probably one of the most important ones….I want you to know that I will never get tired of being your momma. I love you more than anyone else in this world and will always love you more than anyone can. It doesn’t matter to me which path you go down, which choices you make in life…I will never stop loving you. Even after today’s events, there is nothing that can change how I feel about you…you are extra special, and don’t ever forget that. 
I promise to laugh with you, to not judge you and to always be available when you need me. I love and value every minute I have with you, and I can only hope that someday we will have even more time together. I am looking forward to those days, when you are a grown woman with children of your own. Regardless of what you do in your life, always remember that I will be in your corner. I am your biggest fan, and I will always be here when you need me. I promise to give you all the space you need to grow and make your own decisions, but I will forever linger closely to be sure you are doing well, because that’s my job. 
So don’t get mad when I give you my advice, or share my concerns…cause I will always be there to do so. Always remember..I will never be tired of being your mommy~

February 4th Blog Topic “What has been your best compliment?”

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some pretty amazing compliments over the years. I don’t want to sound like I’m being high and mighty on myself, but there has been some very incredible people cross paths in my life. I have been blessed to have come in contact with so many courageous people.

I would have to say though that one of my best compliments would have to be from my mom~

“You are one of the strongest women in the world”

THAT!!!! Coming from MY mom, the reason why that too me is so honorary is because my mom has not only had to overcome the challenges that my life has brought into the family, but she has also over come many trials and tribulations in her own life.

Let me tell you that woman has over come more pain and suffering than anyone I know, and she has never once complained about it. She always has a smile, she always thinks of the positive and she encourages me more than anyone else in the world.

She has taught me to be who I am today, because of her I am able to over come the sufferings that I have endured.

Not only has she shown me how to survive she has taught me to how to celebrate. She finds the positive in any situation, and she has encouraged me to do the same.

I sort of feel like my posts could be so much better, unfortunately i have been very busy. I haven’t been able to take some time to put effort into these posts. I apologize, i hope to get better.

Unitl next time my lovelies, good night~

100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #90

100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #90

#90- If he makes you cry anything but happy tears, he’s not worth it~

Don’t mistaken these words of wisdom as to hold out for prince charming…he’s gonna be perfect.
You know there is NO such thing as Prince Charming. But what I do want you to know is any guy who makes you cry because he is hurting you in anyway…he isn’t worth it!

I don’t mean you need to be hard on him, there will be those nights in your life when nothing but a tub of ice cream can make you feel better. Trust me girl, men can be clueless. Sometimes they have no idea what’s going on with a woman and worse they have no idea how to make it better.
He will say stupid things, he’ll do ridiculous things, more than likely he’ll look at another girl at the wrong time leaving you in a whirlwind spell of insane emotional turmoil. Men don’t think like we do, but the good ones will at least try. He’ll never be perfect but neither will you. 
If there is something he does or says that leaves you welling up with sad or angry tears, before you throw him to the hounds of hell always check yourself first. Figure out what might really be making you emotional, if there may be an overreacting emoticon going off in your mind. Put that away for a bit, use your words and your indoor voice.
My most valuable piece of advice for this topic is simple.

When you cry because of  something that may be due to your man, pay attention to how he tries to fix it*

I don’t want you ever going into a relationship with someone believing he is a bad boyfriend if he makes you cry. He is only a bad boyfriend if it happens repeatedly and if he doesn’t take the time to help repair the damage. If you find yourself in tears more than you are laughing…then get out of that relationship. Promise me you will not spend another day with someone who doesn’t make it his life long goal to see you happy, to make you smile. 

Going back to the occasional sad tears, don’t make him pay for it forever. If he handles it accordingly and adjusts this situation so you both feel better..then immediately let it go. 
Another thing I want you to remember is too always talk it out, be sure to express your feelings and listen to his. If you find your guy struggling with what to do, tell him what you need. It took me a few years to get this one right.
Men are NOT mind readers, they also for the most part cannot read clues or play head games with emotions. You need to be factual and real, they need to be told directly what you need or want.

Don’t play games with him, you’ll get nowhere~

If you hold up your end of the deal in a relationship and your significant other isn’t….don’t waste another moment with him. Promise mommy you’ll get out.

I’m not saying to necessarily give up, always give it your all especially if you have a real love for him. But remember it takes two, he has to sacrifice and give his all as well. If you find your feelings are being played with, LEAVE.

Any man willing to stay up all night until you feel better, is in my books a keeper. With that said, be fair. He is human, he will make mistakes and you owe it too him to understand that. 
But always remember…
Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me~

February 3rd, One thing the world needs more of~

Wow these writing prompts are pretty deep. Loaded questions…there’s so much that could be said.

One thing the world needs more of?

I am going to say understanding. We need to understand one another. We live in a diverse world, and so many of us walk around in our ignorant little bubbles not willing to open up to something new. We all think our way is the right way, its either our way or NO way.


The world is a lot smaller today then it was back in the 1980’s, with the internet at the tips of our fingers at any given time we have the ability to search out anything we want. Yet we still refuse to understand one another. Our world has changed, we no longer wish to visit places like India, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia….we actually have the means to make it happen. How easy it is today to book a trip, search out accomadations, google earth the places we want to see…literally google map our whole travelling route. We can meet others in different countries and travel  with them, friends are made everyday just by logging on to any social media outlet.

So tell me please why our differences are so hard to accept? Why are we still fighting over gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, different health care views…every single day we close our minds to learning something new in order to understand something we fear. Why? How does that help our children grow in societies that only want what’s best for them. You want to leave this world to our children better than the way it was left for us? Then I suggest you start learning and accepting differences. Teach them that different is beautiful and if someone’s beliefs or religion views help them walk their path in life, then let them be.

Accept, respect and appreciate the diversity.

Imagine how wonderful life would be if we could just all understand.