100 Things to Teach Your Son

#98. Learn to cook a good breakfast

For many reasons son, my advice to cook a good breakfast is of importance. Women like a man who can cook. There is nothing more wonderful than after a night spent with their man…he getting up to cook a well deserved breakfast. Very romantic..while dating anyways, however very pracitcal when married with children. I mean if you are not helping with the children on a Sunday morning then you better be getting breakfast started. Let’s not forget the most important meal of the day is breakfast…its the fuel to start your day 🙂 (Sorry…i know you have been hearing that for year’s, but its time to start listening too it!)
You are on your way son, you have mastered the grill and only good things to come. Keep working hard, your eggs are great too…well done!!  Your future love interest is going to be one lucky young lady~

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