100 Things I want to Teach My Daughter…#98 Life is Not a Race

#98. Life Is Not A Race 

My dear girl…PLEASE always remember this, it has taken me a long time to get my mind around this one~
Never compare yourself to where others are around you. Your plan is different from everyone else. It has been through experiences with your brother that I have come to calm down with “keeping up” with others. I suppose the best test for me related to you was to agree to you not heading off to University this coming September. It was very difficult for me to come to terms with initially as I felt it was more important for you to go straight into University right out of highschool
Realistically I know, you WILL go to school…its not a question of will you go, its just a question of when. I am more than pleased with your choice to wait another year, its not a race my baby. You will get to where you want to be when YOU are ready…not when others are. It doesn’t mean you are any less a student, any less a mature than the person who has chosen to move ahead in their plan..it means you are mature enough to know YOU are not  and that is perfectly fine.
Always remember that their will always be people who want to live their lives on a “schedule”…they want to be maarried by 25 years old, children by 30, career stable by 35yrs…if you have a plan or a schedule in mind and things don’t work out the way you had hoped, promise me..you’ll be ok with that. But always work hard, and never give up on any dream or milestone you hope to achieve. Its not about how fast you get there….it’s just that you do. Life is NOT a race, do not compare yourself to others and do not EVER let someone tell you, you are doing something wrong. It’s YOUR journey….don’t hurry along, enjoy the ride…all the ups, all the downs, the turns and even the stall’s. Live in the moment~ THAT’s important.~

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