100 Thing I Want To Teach My Son #94 I will always be there for you, no matter when or where~ February 25th

I hope you I know this. We at times can have heated discussions and not always see eye to eye. But regardless of any situation, I promise to always be there for you and always have your back.


If I have learned one thing these past couple years it is to listen more and react after. I am working on that, I know I tend to “jump to conclusions” quick with you. I have no excuse, I guess maybe I may want what’s best for you but understanding what best for you is now your decision. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

You did pull from me a few years ago, you kinda pulled from all of us. I know you were dealing with your own stuff, we tried hard to understand that and give you the space you needed to deal with things in your own way. I feel with you doing that, you grew as a person emotionally and mentally but we were not a part of that. Understanding who you are today is a bit more challenging because we were not involved in the process of you figuring out your mental health and depression.

As a mom of course I have only wanted to “fix” all your hurt and pain. It’s not easy to accept the day you no longer can give a hug, do a craft or bring home MacDonalds Happy Meals to make you happy again. Parenting dosen’t come with a manual, especially parenting a young adult with certain mental health issues.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is it doesn’t matter where or when in life you need me…. I will always be there. I always have~

I may just need more direction and clarification now that you are older. Stepping on your toes doesn’t go over very well with you. I don’t like to assume there’s an issue and want to approach you. Dad is always telling me to “Leave him alone”…lol its only cause I worry. And obviously I want you to be happy. As a mom thats one of the most important parts..

If you need me, you need to tell me. I do my best to not be “overwhelming” in your life. But I do care, and I do love you. You may need to work on that a bit more. I need you to communicate with me when things are not good with you, and you have to be open and honest with me and tell me exactly what you need or expect. I would move the sun and the stars for you. I hope you know that~

Do not ever worry about judgement. We are past that. Judging is not who I am. I have no interest and “condemning” you or making you feel any less as a man if I don’t agree with something. I hope that became clear through the past year and all the pain, growth, tears and laughs that we experienced.

Regardless of my own thoughts and feelings I am learning to respect and trust in yours. I think that says a lot about our relationship. We’ve come along way baby! 🙂

Until next time,

Love Mom~

February 24th~ My birthday celebration

My actual birthday is February 27th, but in my extended family we usually celebrate one another the Sunday before our actual birthday. This past Sunday we celebrated my 48th, and this year I did something a little different.

I decided that instead of gifts, I wanted to have my family and friends donate to a local Toronto dog rescue called Redemption Paws.

I invited three friends to join us for dinner, and they very generously donated to the cause. My whole family donated, and I put up a donation page on Facebook with occurred 310.00 just with friends who supported. I was so happy~

My parents were here, both my children and Paul. My friends have little dogs as well, and I really wanted them all here. SO in total we had 6 dogs…3 of which were mine 🙂

My birthday was perfect, I had a wonderful time. My mom made cabbage rolls, I bought some chicken Parmesan, we had garlic bread and salad. It was delicious. I did not have a cake, instead we had cupcakes and donuts…both my favourite.

Overall we raised 710.00 for Redemption Paws within 24 hours. I think thats pretty good. Hopefully the money will go towards some of the beautiful dogs needing surgery. Or possibly towards travel costs for the rescuers who save dogs in other parts of the world.

It really was a perfect birthday, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. We shared many laughs, we danced in the kitchen and we even had a few tears…obviously happy ones~

Well my lovelies, I hope you are all well. Until tomorrow good night and god bless~

February 22nd~ Christmas with the Martz’s

I know, I know, this is a late post about Christmas. I’m sorry its just Christmas was chaotic this year and i felt very misplaced. So I’m just getting around to posting some of our Christmas celebrations now.

Every year I get a picture of these two crazies at the window looking out for Santa Clause. This is our front window in our home, and they get their Christmas Jammie’s on every year and pose for me at the window. Lol…just amuse me 😉

This is our front hallway, I just love these little red Santa face garland. This year we put our tree in the front hallway. Wasn’t sure if we were going to like it there but it ended up looking so pretty. Usually we put it in the dining room, but i was worried we wouldn’t have enough room this year because I was expecting some company over the holidays. I wanted to keep more room around the dining table. Regardless we did like it here and will probably do it again next year too. I usually set up 3 Christmas trees in this house. We only did one this year, it was fine. Sometimes less is more 🙂I’m not sure if I ever mentioned but pretty much every get together at the Martz’s ends up being a dance party in the kitchen. Here is my beautiful freckled fox with my dad, her papa. They are having a dance in the kitchen. Now this wouldn’t be Christmas without my parents dancing. Actually they dance anytime, doesn’t matter when or where. I love that about them, they have taught this whole family to always dance. I love that about them ~Mom and Kailey trying my Christmas sangria in Christmas bulbs. I wanted to try something different.

I ordered a cake this year for dessert, it was delicious. I also ordered this cake topper which says “Christmas with the Martz”s”…absolutely fell in love with this~

Well my lovelies, until tomorrow good night and god bless~

February 21st~ A good thing from today!

Overall today was a good day~

But I think the best thing was our date night. Every Thursday we have dinner out and enjoy each others company. Although Paul technically is home, he does work from home and us quite busy these days.

Another great part of the day was picking yo our finished pieces from Valentine’s Day, our clay pieces that we painted. We were both very impressed with how it turned out. I will include a couple pictures below. I also took the cutest pic of Ollie, uploaded to instagram. The sun was out today, and we were listening to some music. I purchased a hoody for Ollie a little while ago and wanted a pic of him in it.  He truly is the cutest little boy. He truly doesn’t mind posing for me. The sunglasses are always easy with him.

seriously tho…isn’t he the cutest~

Here is our finished pieces…

we will definitely be back again



Paul’s Pasta bowl and my moon plate…see the white dot on my plate? That’s a small star in the sky…lol…thats what i tell people 😉


Good night lovelies~


Above all else..people will always remember you by how you made them feel~ Never forget that!

100 Things I want to Teach My Daughter

 #88 Above all else…People Will Always Remember You By How You Made Them Feel~ Never Forget That~

It’s not going to matter what you do for people, what’s more important is how you made them feel.

My advice to you is that you always make those around you feel good when they are with you. You will want others to love who they are when they are with you. 
Don’t mistaken that for feeling like you are responsible for someone else’s happiness…that is NOT your job. 

It feels really good to make others smile, to share in a laugh. Its important to be there for someone in a time of weakness, make yourself available to those in your life. 
Don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama, its perfectly ok to know when something or someone is effecting your life in a negative way. Once again, its not your job to save someone. 
Someone else’s problems are not your problems. It’s ok to be there for them, to do a little an act of kindness. Drop off soup for someone who may be fighting a cold, deliver a coffee to tired friend. Prepare a meal for a mourning family, there are many many things you can do for someone to make them feel good. But never think you can fix their problems. 

You want someone to be able to say at the end of the day “Oh that Kailey Martz really liked my outfit today, she told me how pretty I looked. That made my day…” 
Give compliments, LOTS of them. Always pay attention and always looks someone in the eye. That validates their existence. It will make them feel good to be with you~

Don’t mistake kindness for taking advantage of, always do something that you want too…not something that you feel you have too. 
Well my lovelies, its a quick one tonight. Hoping you got something out of this post…so until tomorrow good night and god bless~

February 18th~The Best Day You Had Last Week?

The best day I had last week would have been Valentine’s Day. Paul and I had a great day, We started off down at our local Play with Clay studio, and then we headed to Cafe 13 to have lunch with friends.

We reserved a cute little table in the front window of the studio. Then we picked out our pieces of clay. The staff at the studio was absolutely amazing. They were so helpful, they guided both Paul and I.

Paul picked out a pasta bowl,

and I picked out a dinner plate. The atmosphere was perfect, they were playing a Valentine’s Day playlist so the songs were all pretty much love songs. We sat quietly across from one another working away on our pieces. I had a very difficult time figuring out how I wanted to make this plate look good. Aarrgh!! It was so frustrating. Finally I searched Pinterest and then I asked the shop owner how I could make this idea work for me…and ahead we went to fulfill my desire of a crescent moon plate.

This is half way finished, I then painted the moon a yellow paint which has exploding rocks in it. So as it is in the kiln the small paint rocks explode making the moon look like it has creators. It’s going to look so good once its done.

After we finished at the studio we walked over to Cafe 13 and met with our neighbors. We had a lovely lunch, always a nice time with Bonnie and Al. Overall it was a perfect day, i am so blessed to have this man beside me.

I hope you all had a great day as well, can’t wait to show you may finished moon plate~

Until next time my lovelies, good night and god bless~