100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #56 The worst separation of all is that which occurs between a person’s income and their lifestyle~

OHHH Fox! This is so very important, especially with your generation in which everyone want something “RIGHT NOW”. You are so use to getting things almost immediately and without seeing the consequences of those actions. Take for example Amazon and/or online shopping. You easily registrar a credit card to shopping accounts and shop away. Not seeing the damage for a whole month. That my friend is dangerous.

It’s also very challenging to stay in your own lane when wanting to “keep up with the Jones.” As you get older you will see what I mean. I suspect things are changing in our society. It’s a lot harder for your generation to buy homes now. So you may see less and less of that kind of behaviour. Many more couples are renting or buying townhouses and or condo’s. Single detached homes are not near as important as they had been at my time.

Keep your income and lifestyle within its means. Trust me when I say this. Don’t become consumed with “wanting” things. Enjoy the things you earn, take pride in your hard work and rewards. If I could give you any advice fox it would be to put your money in to travel. While you are young and figuring out life, travel.

Dad and I have been downsizing this past year. It’s so overwhelming to see where we have put much of our money. We’ve overspent on “things”….stuff that I no longer want, need or desire. What a waste. So all that money is now being taken to second hand stores and given away. Each season I would buy more and more stuff to accent our home, our pets and even you children. Don’t get me wrong, i loved it! I LOVED having our home decorated at Christmas, Easter, Halloween and birthdays…but what I am saying is if you can’t afford those things..don’t go into debt trying too.

Sometimes Less is More…and as i am getting older I am learning this. So take it from me now….don’t put money into things that don’t bring you a feeling that lasts longer than a season. Put that money towards things that benefit you and your family in the long run.

The same applies to the opposite of this, if you have a substantial income don’t live life too frugally. Enjoy your money. Don’t just buy things that make you happy, DO things that make your happier. Trips, travel, donating, volunteer your time, take days off work, rest and pamper yourself.

If I were to start out living my life in todays world, and if I knew what I know now. I would do things a little different. Like I said, I would buy less stuff for the house. I would spend more money of travel, education and taking care of myself. I would buy you less but take you out more. Maybe put more money into activities? Maybe more art classes or music lessons? I’m not sure, you really did have all that. But you also had a ton of toys that you didn’t really play much with. Listen to your children, watch what they play with..even if it’s something you don’t feel is worth it. I just bought you things to fill your play room, I bought things that other little girls were playing with. Somethings you never even opened. MY bad.

Always remember your money is hard earned. It is something to not be taken lightly. Be resourceful, attentive and protecting of it. Be generous, kind and willing to be open minded to change.

I hope this brings you some insight. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of you as a full grown adult with children. I know the day will come eventually. And I hope all these little words of wisdom can be of service. Love you girl~

Mom ~

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