February 28th~

100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter..#84 You are no less a woman when you’re in sweat pants….

#84 You are no less a woman when you’re in sweat pants and hoody than a woman in stilettos and a leather skirt.

Although I believe you must learn to wear some sexy stiletto’s, on a really important night  a gorgeous pair can make you feel amazing. 

With that said my darling, wearing a comfy pair of Roots track pants, over sized hoody and a pair of Tom’s should never make you feel any less a woman. Be confident enough to walk proud throughout town sporting a comfy cozy outfit and not be embarrassed to be seen. 

You are beautiful, you are stunning in all the things you wear. 

Remember this when you do find yourself standing beside the stiletto wearing, sexy lady in a 7/11 buying a package of cigarettes while paying for her gas. She is having her moment, let her have it. This is her time to shine, her time to feel sexy. Empower her, lift her up for she may be hiding the most insecure thoughts going on in her own mind at that moment. Find the ability in  yourself to compliment her, as hard as it may be in that time, think of her…even though you may be in your gym clothes or track pants and sweat shirt. Tell her you love her shoes…make her feel confident, and I promise my baby girl you will come away feeling so much better about yourself. This is a gift to not only give to her, but it will make you feel even taller than she is standing beside you sporting those heels. 

and smile~

Always smile, it lets her know you’ve got her back. We need to encourage one another as woman, not discourage eachother. 

Most importantly K always remember it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you feel confident and comfortable with who you are…no shoes can change that. 

I mean seriously fox, when you look like this beauty…you can wear anything and feel smashing~

Happiest girls are the prettiest~
Audrey Hepburn

Well my lovelies, until tomorrow good night and god bless! xo

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