100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #55 A Person who does kind acts is not always a kind person~

I know there is probably one other million things I could choose to write about. I suspect I wont be able to cover all my advice to you in just a short 100 blogs. BUT…I do believe this topic is of importance. It’s something that I have taken some time in life to learn. A good hearted person can be hard to find. So many people portray themselves in lights that make them appear much brighter to other people.

Sometimes people will only do good if credit is given, or unless they get recognition. Look for the people who do good but remain silent. Those are the ones doing it for the right reason. It is ok to be thanked when you do good, I’m not suggesting that people don’t deserve to be acknowledged. I only mean watch for the ones who do good and then broadcast it continuously. It can be hard to understand someone’s intentions, most times its for all the right reasons.

For me, there has been times when I have done an act of kindness and I may have facebooked it, or shared my story with others. I suppose at times everyone likes the attention from others, there is something nice about feeling good when others lift you up. Most times people share in their good deeds to encourage others, you hope kindness becomes contagious.

I suppose my point Is simple, don’t mistake someone’s true character just because they “appear” to be kind. I know Fox that sounds so very pessimistic, thats not truly my intentions. But I do want you to learn quickly that just cause someone will help an old lady across the street, doesn’t mean they don’t have their hand in her purse trying to steal her money. Eeeeekkk that sound so horrible. I’m embarrassed to speak like this, but its the truth. I do believe most kindness comes from a good place. Please always look through your lenses with nothing but happiness, don’t become an angry, bitter person always looking for the negative. Just don’t be naive to the cruelties of others. Just because someone is “helping, being courteous or kind”, certainly doesn’t mean they are not capable of having bad intentions. Eyes open always~

Well my lovelies, until next time good day and god bless~

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