February 26th~One way you can help a friend~

This my friend is a loaded question. At certain times in my life I would probably answer this differently.

When I was a teenager I feel one way to have supported a friend would have been to go out and show them a good time. Weekends were meant for friends, I was so lucky to have experienced the times we did. Dancing, music, drinks and parties were always in play. Never a dull moment~

My group of friends had children very young. We were all pretty much 22-23 years old when we started our families. So I would say when I was in my twenties the best way to help a friend would have been to help out with their children. I did my best. I was not able to “babysit” often or help out in that way. My own hands were pretty darn full, I had a special needs, medically fragile child and a small daughter. So babysitting often was not something I was able to do. But what I did do was have sleepovers, pool parties and after noon get togethers. Our house was always full, it was wonderful. If friends needed to bring their kids over to blow off some steam then my house was the place for that. I still managed to have sleepovers, and sometimes my friends were able to take advantage of that free time. I did not have that privilege, there wasnt much of an opportunity for friends to take my children over night. We didnt get many breaks, unless my parents took them.

Today, the best way I can help a friend is too offer my time and understanding. Do not be judgemental. I try my very best to be there for my friends. Times have changed however, we have all grown into ourselves. Needing eachother has become less of on issue. We still manage to have fun times, we love to get together. But everyone has their own stuff going on. I hope they know however, if they need me I would be there. I am truly blessed, I’ve had some pretty amazing friends in my life too. I would not be who I am today with out them. Each one of them brings something different in to my life. That’s the best thing about friendships..they are all different, yet all so special.

Well my lovelies, until tomorrow good night and god bless~

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