The Grace In Grief Look book~


Book writing days, just a little insert~

“Between you and I, I had been born with a Congential Heart Defect. My chest bore a zippered like scar that terrified me, what would the man who I was going to share my most intimate moments with think of these battle scars?

As a child, I had two open heart surgeries and had travelled to Toronto Sick Childrens hospital yearly for regualr checkups. I certainly was not new to childhood illness or trauma I too had suffered some pretty substancial medical conditions.

Unfortunatly that wasn’t the only burden too bare. At the young age of 14, I had corrective back surgery for Scolisois. My spine was curving leaving me with a croocked back, unaligned hips and pain. Being a young teenager in the 80’s didn’t make having these challenges any easier for me. Back in those days there were no readily available enlightening quotes posted on Pinterest echoing words of wisdom. Anyone with a life changing event or illness were certainly not considered a Survior or a warrior. “~Christine Martz



With having been off Facebook know for sometime, I have had the chance to start writing again. I am loving it!
The words are coming to me so easily, and the story I am sharing with the world is beginning to take shape. I wanted to share with you just a little tid bit. My book is a about our life, it is a story of perseverance, love and triumph.

Although this book is our story, its also a story about finding the Grace in Grief.
Please stay tuned for further developments 😉


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