The Grace In Grief ~Look book pt2


Whatever it is you are going through, unfortunately things are not going to change over night. So you’re going to have to live through it. In this very moment, whether you are reading my words in a hospital room, court house, your bedroom, car or work place. Look up, right now…look around you. There is always a reason to fight, when all else seems hopeless just remember that this moment in time is going to be your new normal. Lets start by accepting that and moving forward. Embrace the suck.
There really is no grey area, this reality is pretty black and white. You either accept it or you don’t, but my advice to you is too keep moving forward. Breathe. That smell you might be inhaling right now, thats life. You have many reasons to be thankful for it. Trust me, I know it might seem hopeless and daunting right now. It may not look or appeal to you as a life you want to live.
But you and I…we are going to get you through this together. I am going to show you that surviving through a catastrophe and finding the grace in grief will bring you to a place in your life you could never have imagined. A beautiful unexpected desitination.

Its all in how you choose to handle it. For now, if this is the beginning of your journey and you have doubts in me, thats ok. Stay here with me, I am going to give you permission to be angry, resentful, negative and possibly hateful. I’m just not going to let you stay there too long.

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