100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter~ #72 What do I define as success?


Success: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one’s goals.

What does success mean to me?


I truly believe that success lies in how well someone can balance their life. There is so much more to life than someone’s income, education, career and social status. Having the ability to successfully nurture and grow your mind, body and soul throughout your life is my opinion of complete success.

For me, anyone can have a high earning job. But if they don’t have good health or any knowledge of a healthy lifestyle then their money will be of no use to them.

You can have the highest IQ in the room, Phd in Physics but if you don’t have the ability to apply your education to a career then there is not much use for those framed degree’s.

If you own one of the classiest hotels in all the world, or a 5 star restaurant and you are not capable of making friends, and lack self esteem then I can say with certainty your business won’t be the happiest of work places. Over time that too will dive bomb into a sea of despair.

My point is simple fox, we have so much more in our life to achieve than just income or social status. It is far more important to consistently nourish and develop your mind, body and soul.
For me, my success or goals have been different at certain times in my life. When I have been physically strong (body) I was struggling emotionally (mind). At that time in my life I went back to school to become a nurse. Lets look at that…
I was 34 years old, probably the fittest I have ever been. I was an avid runner, and gym rat at least 3 times a week. I was feeling the best I could have ever felt…that was success. BUT that success was only physically. Emotionally I was in a sour place. I was unsure of who I was, I was scared for the state of my marriage and I was lost. I needed to do something to fix that state I was in…I needed a goal.
So I decided to become a nurse. That was my goal. I changed my life in that moment so I could nurture, grow and educate my mind. Success.
For a time in my life I had great health, strong mind and a nurtured soul. I had graduated as a nurse, I started my career in a hospital and I became an independant woman. My children were stable, marriage was on the right path and for me everything was balanced. Success.

Today, I am probably the least fit I have ever been. I am the most unhappy about my body image at this time in my life. I need a goal. I know I need to fix this problem or I’m going to find myself in a very bad frame of mind. Depressed, unhealthy and disappointed in myself.
Emotionally at this time, I am probably the most stable I have ever been. Success
You know this past year I have been working very hard, bettering myself, learning and educating my life. I have been battling some PTSD effects, it has knocked me on my ass. But I could see this and I knew I needed to fix it. My goal was too get some help, educate and find support. That’s exactly what I did.Mind.=Success.
Once someone has a positive healthy frame of mind, that makes it much easier to want a healthy body. And that my freckled fox is my next step. Body

Soul…What is your soul? Your soul is your energy force. Its what people sense when you walk into a room. You know how some people just radiate when you are in their presence? How just being around someone tends to make you happier. That is how someone’s soul is felt. Feeding that fire, lighting that flame is what we all need to remember to do. Fueling that light in ourselves is balance, and balance is what I define as success.

There are many ways to feed your soul, some people mediate, play sports, worship, read, exercise, creative art, sing, cook, vacation, put yourself out there and commit a random act of kindness. Whatever it takes to make your heart happy is all you need to be doing to feed the soul.
Through the years I have done many things to do just that. My earliest memories are of painting classes. Then we did volunteer work, and more volunteer work in your school. Today I still am involved with volunteering so I suppose that is one way I choose to keep my soul lit.
Volunteering=Happy soul. Success.


Mind, Body &Soul

I know right now in your life its so hard to see yourself as a 40 year old woman. Its so far away, you have so much to do. To your father and I, it doesn’t truly matter what career you choose, how much money you make or how successful you are in those areas. To us, if you are sincerely happy with a life that brings you much joy regardless of your social status…then that too me is success.
I am not one to quickly judge anyone who chooses a life as a bartender, garbage truck driver, pizza delivery person or house cleaner. You don’t have to have the best education and the highest paying job to find success. There is a huge difference between someone working at MacDonald’s because they are too lazy to graduate high school. Someone who works at MacDonald’s but continuously educates themselves, travels and experiences the wonders of this world to me is someone who strives for success.
I hope you can understand the difference between the two.
Don’t get me wrong fox, we want you to strive for the very best in life. We pray your determination and dedication to your education brings you to great places because we believe you are going to change the world baby.
DON’T give up on your dreams for a good life, you strive for that high priced job and fancy home. But promise me along the way you will nurture and feed the things that will give you strength through it all…Mind, Body and Soul~
Without the balance of those three things, success will never be reached. Whatever it is you do in life, take care of yourself first. I love you fox~

On a side note: My biggest success was overcoming a very catastrophic accident, and while finding our way through that storm we managed to raise two amazing people. To me…that is my success~



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