Happy St.Patricks Day & Promises~




I kinda feel like a chump lately. I’m not putting the effort into this blog like I had anticipated.` I’m not trying to make excuses…but we do have ALOT on the go right now in life.

But because I do love to be creative and challenge myself I have decided to commit to blogging every day next week.

There was a time when I use to blog daily, i had theme days and recipes that I shared. I loved it!! So much has changed Since then, my family life is different, I have a job that takes up time and I guess i’ve Just lost a bit of my creative mind. My interests have changed, i can’t really blog about my kids anymore, they are both adults and have their own lives that most of the time don’t include me.

I could continue to blog about my life and all the challenges it brings or all the wonderful moments and celebrations we continue to experience. But there again, a lot of it is things I may not want to share. So that leaves me limited and sometimes frustrated.

Well from here I promise that next week I will bring back some creativity, I will have a plan and I will execute it. If you are still here, and reading my blog I want to thank you for your commitment. I appreciate your time~

Hoping you all have a wonderful safe St.Patricks Day. Top of the Day to Ya’

Cheers xx

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