100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #58 Mom Guilt Is Bullsh*t~

It doesn’t matter how much I try to tell you that mom guilt is bullshit, you will still end a day as a 37 year old mom with guilt. Wondering how the hell you messed up and how do you fix it.

It seems unfair that I can sit here and claim mom guilt is bullshit when hopefully someday you’ll be reading these words as a mother yourself thinking “what the hell mom”. How can you even think I shouldn’t be feeling guilty for not reading a bed time story, or I forgot to send their lunch today or maybe even I yelled so loud at them today I think I shook the windows. Guilt?? That’s all I feel is guilt…

Honestly Kail, there is nothing that I can say to elevate the mom guilt you will experience in your life time. Unfortunately it is a real thing. It’s probably one of the most toxic element of being a mom. I can tell you though, whatever you do or don’t do as a mother just love your children and do the very best that you can everything will turn out just fine.

Always stay true to your own values and character. Parent with love, patience and the giving of your time. Knowing its ok to make mistakes is a gift to your children, expectations are unnecessary in most situations. Do not put them on yourself. Schedule, plan and organize your life accordingly. But only the things that are of importance.

You cannot always accomplish everything you feel you need to in one day. That’s ok.

Find the way that works best for your family. Don’t get too wrapped up in what others are doing. We had different ideas for our family, I feel they worked well for us.

Don’t be fearful, be confident in your parenting. You will, I promise learn about your children more than anyone else in the world. Listen to the professionals, ask advice from those who are educated. Take all learned information into account, but you are the one to choose which to apply. Because you are the one who knows best, even if you don’t feel like it in that moment, trust your gut.

I love you more than life Fox, I have so much faith in you as you continue your journey to becoming the best version of you! It has always been wonderful watching you grow, develop and mature into the beautiful woman you are~

You make me proud.

Love mom~

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