100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter # 75 Best Friends for Life,Husband and Wife!

#75 Best friends for life, Husband and Wife~

I am going to keep this simple. Its a loaded statement, and one that some might not necessarily agree with. Some women prefer to have a real “girl” bestfriend in life. That’s ok I suppose if that’s what works for you.
Me, I am by far married to my best friend. He is (besides my mom) the only other person in the world who has my back and I his. Find a man who always puts you first. Then hold on tight because the ride of your life is going to be wild. Don’t let go of him, even when the ride is too fast. Actually when the ride of life is going to fast…hold on tighter.

Seriously Kail, marriage, friendship, relationships, happiness and partnership lies in the hands of choices. We choose to remain best friends, and we have worked very hard to get where we are today. For me, I was immediately attracted to your dad. We could laugh with eachother over the silliest things. Eventually we shared secrets, goals, wants and desires and in time those things blended together and we were on the same path for a future together. I knew he was the one because he wanted to work with me. He had an interest in building a life with me, beside me. 

One of my favorite things about my marriage is at the end of the day, we have always sat down together to talk about our lives. The bits in which we may not be a part of, like work, or activities and my favorite was always the plans for a future. Find a man who has an interest in YOUR day. Someone who wants to hear about it. A man who will make you a tea (in your favorite mug lol) and sit with you too talk about your children, jobs, friends and marriage. A man who gives you his time and attention is worth working along side for life. 
Now it will never be perfect, cause there is no such thing as perfect. So don’t put expectations on a man and expect him to read your mind. You need to be specific, you need to be clear with what you want and need from him. Bring this too your marriage immediately, start out with great communication from the beginning. 
Always put your marriage first, as well as your husband. I have been around the block enough to know that a strong marriage is built on a foundation of commitment to one another and dedication to the things that make your marriage strong and happy. 

Friendships are important. We all need friends, its healthy to interact with others. Find people who you share a common interest with. We seek people who can relate to us, those who understand our thoughts and feelings. 

When you have those things with your spouse, I promise you, you will be content. There will be no need to seek out “satisfying” relationships outside of your marriage. There is NO better feeling than that. Trust me~

With all that said my fox, having a girlfriend who you can trust and share your life with truly is a special thing. Be sure she is the right one, someone who makes you laugh, is not judgemental and listens. You only need one good one. Don’t fill your life with many “best friends”, it will get in the way of your marriage and family. Acquaintances are good, its ok to seek out groups of friends who share an interest with you. But don’t put them before your marriage. Always go home to your husband, tell him your stories, share your worries and laughs with him.

As long as he is putting in the same effort as you….there will never be a better best friend than your man. Your dad and I love crawling into bed at the end of an eventful evening and going over how much fun we had. We share everything with each other, I save my stories for him. I love going to parties, gatherings, dances, and events with him. We genuinely enjoy each others company. We love being home on Saturday nights with one another, alone, drinking wine and watching a movie. It doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as we are together we are content.
I have noticed that some of the strongest marriages I know have the same habits as your dad and I. Being together, laughing with one another and always catching up at the end of the night makes a marriage healthy. 
This is by far to early for you too understand but trust me fox, the day will come when you will read this one and think “my mom and dad had it right!” So until then just have fun~ Love mom xo

My lovelies if you are reading this please remember what works for us may not work for you. My opinion is mine.

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