February 16th~ Favourite Quote~


Depending on the stage in life, my quotes can change. I have lived by many. Each one representing something different in my life. Today, I am living by one that is helping me get to the next phase of life. The phase where the children have grown, and no longer need me. The phase where your children are building their own lives. The role you have is no longer the same for them. This has by far been the hardest time in my life, the changes taking place in my life are completely out of my control. That scares me, I don’t like all the things that are happening. But I just have to smile and nod, I also have to understand that this time is my time. I am building my life back, it is about me now. I am in another time in life where I can fill my time with things that interest me.

The quote that I am living by today is this:


That’s it friends, “and now I will do what’s best for me”

Watch it happen, its in the works.

Until next time my lovelies, good night and god bless~


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