February 18th~The Best Day You Had Last Week?

The best day I had last week would have been Valentine’s Day. Paul and I had a great day, We started off down at our local Play with Clay studio, and then we headed to Cafe 13 to have lunch with friends.

We reserved a cute little table in the front window of the studio. Then we picked out our pieces of clay. The staff at the studio was absolutely amazing. They were so helpful, they guided both Paul and I.

Paul picked out a pasta bowl,

and I picked out a dinner plate. The atmosphere was perfect, they were playing a Valentine’s Day playlist so the songs were all pretty much love songs. We sat quietly across from one another working away on our pieces. I had a very difficult time figuring out how I wanted to make this plate look good. Aarrgh!! It was so frustrating. Finally I searched Pinterest and then I asked the shop owner how I could make this idea work for me…and ahead we went to fulfill my desire of a crescent moon plate.

This is half way finished, I then painted the moon a yellow paint which has exploding rocks in it. So as it is in the kiln the small paint rocks explode making the moon look like it has creators. It’s going to look so good once its done.

After we finished at the studio we walked over to Cafe 13 and met with our neighbors. We had a lovely lunch, always a nice time with Bonnie and Al. Overall it was a perfect day, i am so blessed to have this man beside me.

I hope you all had a great day as well, can’t wait to show you may finished moon plate~

Until next time my lovelies, good night and god bless~

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