100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #52 Never buy cheap perfume~

Seriously Fox, if you can’t buy decent perfume then only wear deodorant and body creams. Do not cheap out on perfume.

Find a scent that suits you and stick to that. It is the scent that others will identify you with. Your husband will grow to love that scent, your children will search that scent when they need comfort and nurturing. It is what your family will smell during good times and bad. It will jog memories and bring smiles to the ones who love you.

When you hug your family it is a scent that will bring love. Scent is a very strong sense that everyone has. Not everyone can see or hear, but scent and touch are two things that cannot be taken away. For that reason, it is one of the most important senses we as humans have.

I hope when I leave this earth, and you smell someone wearing my perfume you will think of me fondly with wonderful memories.


When I met your father I was wearing Exclamation. It was a cheap popular perfume in the late 80’s. I liked it then mostly cause its what I could afford.


I wore it for a couple years, then in the early ‘90’s moved onto CK one. Calvin Klein.


This fragrance got me through most of your childhood. This one brings back a lot of memories for me.

I moved on to Dolce & Gabanna The One.



This scent got me through my 30’s. Again it was one of my favourites. I tend to find a perfume and stick to them religiously. I’m not one to mix scents either, if I like it…i stick to it.

My forties took another turn and now my pleasure is Euphoria. I went back to Calvin Klein, I get so many compliments on this one. I suppose I could venture out a bit and check out some of the “richer” scents.


When you live a life like mine, there’s not much time to investigate perfumes and designers. But I do know what I like.

Well Fox, thats about it. Find your scent, and stick to it. It will become who you are~


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