I have some very plain kitchen walls that need some attention~

As we move forward with these reno’s, I am realizing that my old home and wall decor isn’t going to work anymore. There is two walls that I feel make good accent walls. The one in my dining room I think I have decided to try some “brick” wallpaper in. Now, this isn’t something that I normally would try. If I could have the real brick look then thats what I would want. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen. It would be too much work and a whole lotta money. We are already pretty much over our house Reno budget.

We painted our main floor all the same colour. I went with “Classic Gray”, by Benjamin Moore. It’s a gorgeous colour and it is very light. It is almost a white color, too just look at it most would see white. It has taken some time to get use to, but the longer I live in it the more I love it.

With that said, we need to add some sparkle and shine. ‘This is the part that has me flustered. How do I want to dress my home? That takes a lot of thinking. Dig deep, really think about who we are and what is important in our lives. I can name 3 things off the top of my head, dogs, travel and family~ How do I encorporate those things into our home.

Let me share some ideas with you~

15D740B4-CFC1-49C5-9C5F-543DAE051470.jpegOk see the wall there, the one with the slanted ceiling? That wall is in my dining room and it is one that I feel would make a nice accent wall. I use to have a long table up against that wall as well. I would decorate it during holidays, or just have candles there. I could keep my wine glasses and serving trays there. It was handy, but it took up room. The goal for my living room/dining room is too move forward with more room for seating. I haven’t been able to have much furniture over the years and our living room chairs and sofa’s have been minimal. FIniding comfortable spots for visitors has always been a challenge here. We have always needed room for Braden to maneuver his wheelchair around comfortably. Anyways with him having his own living quarters, I will have my own space to create comfort and convienient seating.

I thought about dressing that wall with a collage of family photos. Keep it simple yet elegant, but the longer I sit and look at that wall the more I feel it needs something.

I started investigating Brick wallpaper. It has taken me a very long time to decided whether or not its something I should do. I don’t want it to look cheap. It is a huge fear of mine. It is going to cost a lot of money, and it’s going to take a lot of time. So if we do it, its going to have to stay.

After many nights of searching, a few days living with samples and a handful of peoples opinions I have made a decision and we have decided on this…


Thoughts? I love it, and everyone who sees it quite likes it. We haven’t had wallpaper in this house in YEARS, but i have heard its making a comeback. There is also so much I can do with this paper. I did think about doing Shiplap but my dining room table is a farm board table, so I didn’t want to take away from the table. I really do like to mix styles while decorating as well. I love the look of a nice ol’ county table with a gorgeous crystal chandelier. I still haven’t decided on the lighting choice. That may take some time?!

I thought maybe I would add some wall lights? And as of right now I think I will do 6 8×10” photo’s, framed and matted to a 11×14”. Haven’t decided on the frame or matte color. But I will probably go with black and white photo’s. There is just so much to think about. I can say one thing for sure, this will be the end of my decorating days. After this, we are settled well into retirement. Lol


Wall lights? I like it.


I like everything about this above picture. But I wanted to share the 6 photo look. It’s clean, elegant and easy. I also love the light fixture and I do think it would work in my area. So much to think about.

Well, this pretty much covers that wall. I still have a kitchen wall that needs some help. I will share that tomorrow. If you have any ideas feel free to share. I love hearing from others~

Until next time, good day and god bless~

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