Easter Weekend and Commitments~

Here I am again having to challenge myself to daily blogging.  So I will commit to everyday this week, and here’s hoping I stick to that. I always have good intentions and I keep track of all the things I am doing in my life. It’s just finding the time to write it out and share it.

This week I will share some of the things that have gone on here, and some of the things that I am excited about.

Today i will share our Easter. I hope you all had a great Easter holiday. We did.

It was quieter this year as my aunt and cousin were sick and couldn’t join us. We still had my nephew and brother, as well as my family and my parents. It ended up being a really nice day.

Good Friday~

We started out the day with some homemade waffles and morning Mimosa’s. A few years ago Kailey had asked if we could start a tradition of having crepes on Easter morning. I thought it was a great idea, but over the last few years found it too be really busy making breakfast and then dinner on Easter Sunday. This year we switched it too Good Friday breakfast. That worked out much better and was so much more enjoyable. I also switched from crepes to waffles because I have a waffle maker and it was just easier. 🙂 I tried a new Mimosa recipe. I will share it below.


Hawaiian Mimosa’s

This is a very easy recipe that I found on Pinterest, it only takes 3 ingredients~

Pineapple juice/Pineapple slices and I also included orange slices.

Champage or Prosecco

Coconut rum

I also added some orange juice. This recipe calls for equal parts but I have found its best to add the juices and then mix the alcohol to taste. Because this was served with breakfast I didn’t make it too strong….i know..boring! 😉

We had plans to pick up my nephew on the Saturday night. He came to spend the night. So we invited nana and papa over to dye eggs. Everyone in the family got in on that. We had snacks, drinks and eggs~


Nummy Nummies on my cutting board. Just a few sweets to curve the cravings~


Kailey had to work that evening, so the minute she got in the door her robe goes on. Here we are starting our creative achievements. Kailey, nana, Paul and Braden. They were such good sports.


Ethan and Papa were really into it. We used stickers and crayons, so many creative minds around the table that night lol


Little nacho dip for the win, you gotta have Nacho dip and sweets at any family gathering.


Here we are, still dying eggs!


The final product here, it was a nice evening. Family bonding is important. We had a nice visit with Ethan as well, I was glad he could come and spend the night here.

That Saturday I also made an Easter cake. I did make this one last year, but decided to do it again only because I was busy with work and didn’t have time to look at something different. Anyways its so easy, you bake 2 chocolate cakes, and buy 3 chocolate icing containers. It took about 10 packages of KitKat chocolate bars to get around the whole cake.  Once the cakes are baked, let them cool. Layer them with a dollop of icing in between the two layers. Then you continue on around the outside of the cake with all the rest of the icing.  I actually put the iced cake in the fridge for a few minutes just to stop the icing from becoming too warm that the kitkats will slide off the side.


Break apart the KitKat bars, and place around the outside of the cake. Once it comes together it looks like a barrel. SO CUTE~ **on a side note, my cake pictures are really crappy because I snap shot them from a video. This website wouldn’t let me upload my video 😦


White fondant prep. We are wanting to make a bunny bum!

The end (no pun intended) is to result with a very curious bunny trying to get inside this delicious cake. Only his little cute bum, tail and hind legs are outside of the cake.


Preparing the bum to attach the tail…I coated the tail with some white sugar crystals.


Take some fondant and add red food coloring. Mix together to make the pads of the bunny feet! Cute right? Probably my favourite part of the cake 🙂


Oh my goodness look at that bum!!!


I didn’t get a picture of placing the bunny bum on the cake but you can choose wherever you want it. Then you add your Easter M&M’s, preferably the pastel colours.


Terrible picture but there you have it!!! The bunny in a barrel Easter cake~ One of my fav’s ❤

Easter Sunday Arrived, the Easter bunny did too. He brought tickets to see Kevin Hart in concert as a family!! So excited for that, and Ethan got a Tim Horton gift card for his lunch dates with friends at school. Let’s not forget about the chocolate, just enough was left behind for everyone.

Later that day we had dinner and once again it was amazing. I also made this drink below, recipe below..I was actually not too fond of this one. I think I added too much Lemoncillo. So if you decide to make this one which I would recommend, just add the Lemoncello last and add to taste.


Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco~

1 cup of frozen raspberries

1 cup of Limoncello (I wouldn’t add this much, maybe 1/2 cup to taste)

3 cups of Prosecco

Mint leaves

Serve with ice and enjoy~


Family dinner~


After dinner we were full, but enjoying eachother’s company around the table. So we pulled out the funniest game ever..”Fun Employed”. It is such a good game for a group of family or friends just chilling together. There is no pieces or plays you need to think about it is strictly an Improve game. I would recommend it to anyone~

So that’s it friends, a lot of stuff! It was a wonderful Easter spent with my family. Missing my Aunt and cousin but we’ll see them soon~

Until tomorrow (because I have committed) good day and god bless~

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