Year 3 Done~ On her way to becoming a Microbiologist~

Yesterday we had a little celebration for Kailey, she completed year 3 for her University Bachelor Degree in Microbiology and Genetics~




At the end of each year we have been celebrating her accomplishments with dinner and Ice Cream Cake. Most of you know I love a good reason to “blow a horn” or “kick up our heels”. I’m not going to minimize all Kailey’s hard work and dedication. She worked hard so that alone is reason to come together as a family and celebrate and thats just what we did.

Last night my parents came over, we had a lovely dinner and Ice cream cake. It was the first gathering we’ve had in a long time where Kailey didn’t have to run off after she ate to do school work. She stayed the whole time and enjoyed her family, as we enjoyed her!

There are not enough words to describe how proud we are as a family. She is the hardest working girl I know. This young lady not only goes to school full time, but she has a part time job and volunteers in two places. That my friends is one dedicated hard working young lady. Her volunteer position at the Guelph hospital was in the CT Department, she took 3 hours of her time each Monday to commit to serving at the Guelph Hospital. Helping people during a very nervous (for most) time. She comforted the elderly, chatted with the young and encouraged the middle aged. Many times offering a hand for reassurance.

Her postition at The Guelph University is in a Cardiovascular Lab. She has had training with small animal handling.  Working with the rats and mice in this lab she is responsilbe for cages and assessment of each animal. Kailey has been subjected to surgeries as well as world renowned professors and doctors. Giving up her time weekly for 4-5 hours. I don’t think she even understands the significance of this opportunity. She has mingled socially as well as beside  some pretty amazing people. I had hoped it would shape her into working within the Cardiology realm. I don’t think it’s going to happen 😦

While managing these volunteer positions she also maintained amazing grades. We are so proud of her. I don’t want to say too much here, as I want to respect her privacy and confidentiality. But I will say, her marks are fabulous. Each assignment came back perfect and if not, its pretty darn close.

She did let me share a couple of these assignments, mostly cause I begged and she knows how damn proud we are of her! She is so smart our fox~

I mean look at these marks, check out all those fancy words lol…i’m So proud of her!!


She’s perfect~

Look at this assignment,


I almost cried when I saw this report..look how cute her little acknowledgements is…so official, so I love her!

Disclaimer*** She totally allowed me to share this information with you, she is always a good sport so her mom can document life. But with that said, if you tease her or make fun of her for this…I will find you…and I will slit your throat…ok pumpkins :)**

NO seriously, she’s super private and doesn’t like to be made a fuss over, this is all me!! And I want to thank her for letting me do this~

I am one of those mom’s who celebrates everything, I always have been and I always will. Being able to make the time to come together as a family has always been one of the most important things in my life.

I will tell you why~

Sadly I have lived through moments of uncertainty, times when I wasn’t sure if I could ever celebrate anything in my life again. We were threatened too many times with Braden’s life, too many moments of despair and fear. Our family has seen ALOT of suffering, not just my accident trauma but my dad’s cancer, my brothers battles, my heart and health….

I will continue to bring smiles to my family, I will never stop celebrating them. I am blessed…and I won’t stop sharing that~

Be happy friends, its a choice. Celebrate the good its what makes life so sweet~

Until next time my friends good night and god bless~



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