Welcome to “Martz Cottage”

I’m not too sure if i’ve shared this information on here or not but we recently decided to put our cottage on Airbnb. I can’t express how excited we are about it!! This is our seventh summer at The Point, and as much as we love it we are ready for a change. We don’t want to sell it, that would be a harsh decision right now. We still love our little place in Turkey Point, we love to get away occasionally and spend a weekend when we feel like. To be honest, we are really wanting to start some travelling. We’ve been fortunate to have visited many carribean destinations…some places we’ve been to three times, and we’ve toured Europe…me twice, and this June we are off on another adventure to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary. As we near closer to retirement travelling has become so much more of a thing.

We have already booked 4 clients, and its only April. It’s going to be busy once the nicer weather starts coming around. Anyways, I began researching how to become a successful Airbnb host. My daughter has used them before, and a few friends so I chatted with them and got some pretty good ideas.

First off, I need welcome gift. So last week when Kailey and I were staying at the cottage we went around to all the wineries and breweries in the area and picked up information and checked out some of their homemade snacks. What would someone want once they arrive at their destination? Food!!

I decided we’d go with a nice local food gift, maybe some homemade peanuts and beer nuts, jam’s, jelly’s, chips, baked goods and of course wine~ Obviously I’m going to leave a bottle of wine from our local winery.  We also collected a whole bunch of pamphlets on things people can do while staying at our cottage. I bought a big cork board for the kitchen, I can post all the information right there so everyone can see it.

When our guests arrive, we will have a nice little welcome gift basket with a card for them. I’d like to leave a bit of information hand written, with our cell numbers and emergency contact info. I also wanted to make this card personal so I had a stamp made that says Welcome to “Martz Cottage” Enjoy~

It’s so cute, and I designed it!!


The actual stamp is inside this little bag but the print is right there, its so cute~

I also put together a little bucket of supplies that if any of our guests have forgotten they are welcome to use.


I want to leave a sign out like the one below, hopefully its clear enough and we don’t have problems with renters making pigs of themselves and taking all of it lol


So cute~

So as you can see I am having a lot of fun with this new business adventure, I want to make this successful so we can continue to do it for a few years. I’m not sure what the long term plan is but for now, we’d love to make some money on it while it sits there unused. We still don’t know if we will end up there full time retired folks, but at least the option is still there 🙂

I will keep you posted, i’m Excited to be a Airbnb host.

Cheers to new adventures~

Until tomorrow good night and god bless~


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