Hindu Blessings~

I failed. I didn’t blog this whole week, I failed. I was just too busy on the weekend and I couldn’t pull it off. I feel like a loser.

I DO want to share with you something I did this weekend.  Braden has a private physiotherapist who visits our home to work with Braden 3 times a week. His name is Radha and he owns Physioworks. Anyways this past Christmas I hosted a dinner for all the people who work for Braden and their families. Typically we go out to dinner with his workers but this year I wanted to invite their families. There is a couple more faces added to the list too, so its easier to have this event at home. Braden had it catered, so that took the load off of me. I could focus on the things that really matter to me, the entertaining.

We invited Radha and his beautiful family, his wife Latha, and his two children Ricky and Rona. I instantly formed a lovely friendship with his wife.

They bought and built a new home recently and this past weekend hosted a “traditional Blessing” of their home. House Blessing and house healings are rites intended to protect the inhabitants of a house from misfortune. In Hinduism is conducted always before the people move in. The blessing is performed by a Hindu priest.

I was honoured to have been invited. Radha felt terrible as his home is not accessible, so Braden unfortunately could not come. As it turns out anyways Braden had hockey that day and wouldn’t have been able to make it regardless.

I was relieved that Braden had hockey to tell you the truth, It breaks my heart every single time he can’t go to a function because it isn’t accessible. He unfortunately misses out on a lot of things in his life due to accessiblity, I did my best through the years hosting parties at my home so he could be a part of them. As I get older, I am getting tired. I think people forget that I have a heart condition and other health conditions related to scoliosis. It’s a lot harder for me to host parties, we do rely on others to step up and accomadate. In this situation however it would have been unavoidable. Thank god for hockey~

Anyways, my mom came with me to Radha and Latha’s open house. Paul was with Braden and Kailey had to work.

I ended up getting Latha a gorgeous cutting board from my favourite instagram store “Storyboards.” I had it ingraved with their last name and est. 2018. I know she will love it.

When we got their I was taken back a bit because the whole family and much of the guest were wearing their custom clothing. They were beautiful, the women, men and children. I believe their traditonal women’s clothing is called Saris and is worn with Choli tops, a long skirt called a legendary or Pravda worn with choli and a dupatta scarf to create an ensemble called a gagra choli. The children wear pattu Langa.  Radha was wearing traditional Indian ceremony clothing as well, white sarong and a  shirt. The whole family is beautiful. When we walked in, they were just about to start their “home blessing” in their Hindu culture and religion. There was a minister there performing a prayer, we learned that it is in their culture to pray and offer fruits and flowers to their god. It was amazing.


Here they are sitting on the floor in front of their ceremony Praying post. (I don’t know how to explain it) Picutre below~

The family was offering fruit and flowers to their god. It was such a wonderful experience for my mom and I. They welcomed us with open arms, made us feel so welcome. Friendly, kind and Canadian. It was lovely~


After the ceremony we had lunch, what a spread it was.  It was authentic Indian food, and boy were we spoiled. There was 25 families invited, and around 80 people who came through that afternoon.

My mom and I left that day feeling so relaxed and calm. The whole event touched us deeply, it is something we will always remember.

I hope you can forgive my lack of blogging the last couple days, I hope this post can make up for it 🙂

So, Until next time good night and god bless~

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