Sunday Dinner Delights~

You may be thinking this post is going to be about some “Sunday afternoon delight”, you know the kind we all dream of when we are young! But times have changed my friends and afternoon delights no longer mean long wonderful romps between the sheets…now its all about strawberry shortcakes and homemade whip cream 🙂

I make dessert every Sunday, whether we have company or not. It’s our time to treat ourselves, and I truly love trying new recipes. Unfortunately Kailey doesn’t like cream cheese, so I’m limited to my choices of desserts. Well, i do think I’m going to start to try some of these amazing looking cheesecake recipes and just stopping at Tim Hortons and picking up my picky princess a donut. Cause I’m getting tired of the old chocolate cake and pie.

This past Sunday I found a recipe on Pinterest, it certainly isn’t anything new but it was a different spin on Strawberry Shortcake.

I bought some wonderful looking donuts and Cronut’s from Zehrs bakery and used those instead of the usual pound cake. Check out the pictures below~


Whipping cream and icing sugar with a teaspoon of vanilla~


Ollie got to like the whisk, it use to be the kids…..oh how my life has changed 🙂




Slice the donut in half, top with some strawberries. I also used some blueberries and raspberries. You could totally make this your own and do whatever you want.


Add your cool whip and serve! I should have had some chocolate sauce and some ice cream to top this off. It was delicious and we will definitely do this again~

Well my friends..this is it! Hope you try it out sometime.

Until next time lovelies good day and god bless~

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