100 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter #57 We need eachother

Dear Fox,

We are in a time right now that women are speaking out against all kinds of issues we face, our society still has a long way to go.

It’s refreshing to see the world changing for young women like you, I know it will never be a perfect world for anyone. But how amazing is it that finally we have a cause for change.

We’ve always had reason for change as women. But finally there is an outlet that women are stepping up and using to declare equal rights and fight against discrimination, sexual assault and abuse. Screaming for the rights to things men have been taking advantage of for many many years.

So my point “we need eachother”, is not only as mother and daughter but as women. We always need to stand in one another’s corner. Please know I will always be right beside you, regardless of the circumstances. There is nothing you could do to deter my faithfulness, love and dedication to you. I promise you that.

With that said Fox, I need the same from you. As time goes on, soon enough you will look to me as a friend. I will always be an outlet for you, without ever judging or making you feel inadequate. To be honest with you my precious girl, you in all the world continue to teach me. There is no one (except maybe Dr. Shawn :)) who puts me in check better than you.

You inspire me to be better. Those PTSD days when I don’t want to see the world or face the light of day, its your face I see and I fight so hard to be better for you. There is nothing more important to me than the footprints I leave for you to follow.

I promise to lead with a healthy, strong and determined grace. I need you to trust me, have faith in me not only as your mom but as your best friend.

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