100 things I want to teach my daughter….Always Be Yourself

#100 Always Be Yourself~

I have always wanted to be that mom whom on her daughter’s wedding day can pass her a journal filled with all my own words of wisdom~ 
For about a year I have been planning this, and slowly putting away things that remind me of “things I want to teach my daughter”. So I have this journal, and I want to put all this stuff into it and then I realized I have this blog. This blog is filled with tons of my stories, quotes and important thoughts, so why not just someday print off this blog, or the posts that are relevant to my daughter. 
Great idea right? So this is what I am going to do, for the next 100 days I am going to commit Wednesday’s blogs to a topic in which I want to teach my daughter…after those 100 days I will have a wonderful journal completed..right here on my blog. Ok, of course there are things that I will write privately to my daughter and I will not share that on my blog, cause some things will be just meant for her. 
So, now my son…I will do the same for him. Except I will commit to Sundays, I will post a thought around 100 things I want to teach my son. Of course, I will have to discuss certain things with Paul, cause I bet he will have alot more insight around “teachings” for Braden. 
Wish me luck, I hope I can stick to this…

100. Always be yourself, never change for anyone. Those who understand who you are will make the effort to be in your life, and they will understand your own uniquness. This is something my dear daughter that took me some time to accept. I use to find it difficult to understand your “potentially quiet” demeanor. Considering I am a bit more of an extrovert, and your father is more of an introvert..I needed to accept how much you are like your dad. I always worried how you would take more time to “warm” up in situations..or maybe you seemed timid, or maybe a bit self-conscious. All I wanted was for you too see how amazing you are, how strong and beautiful you are. I wanted you too shine, sparkle and tell everyone..look at me, I am awesome!!!!
YOU taught me one of the biggest lessons in life my darling girl….YOU didn’t care what others thought of you, and that showed more maturity than alot of women my own age. It may have taken me a bit longer to accept that this is who you are…YOU didn’t need to be loud and outgoing to get others approval, you were comfortable in all your situations…and you didn’t care what they expected of you.
 I apologize. I am sorry for putting expectations on you to try to be someone you were not. I want to thank you for being you…for being true to you~
I will not worry about this for you in life, you have proven to me over and over again that no one is going to alter your character. 
I absolutely love everything about you and your wonderful, funny, exceptional personality. You are a true friend to those who respect you, and you are feircely loyal to your family. I couldn’t have been luckier to have a daughter like you~ Love you bug, shine on!

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