February Prompts

I’ve decided to challenge myself to blogging every day this month. I’ve already started off terribly. I had wanted to spend a good amount of time on this first post. Get myself pumped for the month, come up with some really good blog posts. Unfortunately Ollie my little Morkie had to have dental surgery today.

We called in on Thursday to let them know we were ready to proceed with surgery and they said they could do it the next day!! At first I panicked a bit, I like to have time to digest, think and prepare for things like this. But…I said yes!!! Let’s do it!

Friday morning we were up and headed to the vets to drop him off for 8:45am, I love this dog more than life itself. He is seriously the love of my life (close second to my husband actually). Regardless, having to leave him alone at the vets is something that terrifies me. We are actually so very lucky, we are very familiar with our animal hospital and their staff. So i know darn well he is in great hands, I wasn’t as worried about his care or the procedure itself. I was concerned for the fact that he doesn’t understand what is happening, and how could his mommy leave him.

One of the staff sent me a couple photo’s of him recovering, they gave him so many cuddles. It made my heart happy to know he wasn’t stuck in a crate the whole time, but in the loving arms of staff 🙂 We are blessed~

He is home tonight and doing well, the meds had him pretty high. As the evening goes on he is coming around. He is getting lots of cuddles at home too..he’s such a little love~

So this challenge that I was talking about, is a 28 day blog prompt. Each day I get a topic and then I have to write about it. Today’s topic is ” Where is your favorite place/”

Let me get started, its a pretty simple answer….


Home is my favourite place. I know that sounds corny. I’m sure its a bit stale but honestly, I love my home. I am most happy at home.

I suppose if I had to pick somewhere other than home it would have to be Cozumel Mexico. We have been there many many times on holidays. It’s our go to place for a get away and we love the whole environment. It’s an island, its clean, its safe and its beautiful. The snorkelling and diving is some of the most beautiful in the world. The town is safe enough that you could rent a Jeep and drive around the whole island. You can snorkel just about anywhere off the side of the road, and there are restaurants hidden everywhere along your route. The people are friendly, they love Canadians and they always provide a good time when you stop for a Cerveza~

I have been so lucky to have been able to do some travelling, I’ve been to some pretty amazing places, but there is nothing like coming home~

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