Feb 2nd, Who is someone that you admire~

This is a loaded question, and one that isn’t easily answered. There are many people in my life who I admire. I have met so many strong, amazing and loving people in my life that I couldn’t just pick one.

So, I will choose a group of people that I admire. That would be any agency that rescue’s animals. I think those kind of people are by far my hero’s. Most time they are just volunteers giving of their time, energy and money. Non profit organizations going out into our communities and rescuing poor animals who are neglected, abused, surrendered or even senior. There are so many organizations out their raising awareness for just about everything. People asking for money to help children, single mothers, cancer patients, teenage pregnancy, street youth..the list goes on and on. I do have my agencies that I contribute to yearly, but recently I started a monthly donation to a certain pig at one of the local pig sanctuaries. His name is Pippen, he lives at Ralphy’s Retreat in Turkey Point. He is so cute, and I am so appreciative to organization that houses him, feeds him, seeks medical attention and loves him. These kind of people I admire. They give selflessly for all animals.

I also have a soft spot for any dog rescue. I do donate to a couple organizations in our community. Recently Redemption Paws has gotten a donation from me, and I have asked my family to donate to them in leu of gifts for my birthday. They get dogs from all over the world and bring them here to Canada to find better homes for them.

I admire how they fight for these animals, all their time and attention goes into providing a better life for these helpless animals. If i could choose a certain life, it would most definitely be to open my own shelter. I wish I could save animals from pain and suffering. Hopefully my future will include some things related to dog rescue. For now my hands are tied with 3 of my own dogs, I can’t add anymore to my pack. We are so busy with the ones we have.

So there you have it, I admire anyone who gives of them self’s to help animals. It is a long term goal for me, someday I will also be admired.

Well, until next time my lovelies…good night!

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