February 6th~Name 3 small things that can change the world.

These questions are literally trying to kill me….I wish i could take more time to answer these questions, they are loaded.

I do want to put my very best into these posts but I’d need so much time to type the answers that i would like.

So I’m just going to answer these questions the best way I can with the amount of time I have.

3 small things that can change world…

1. Peace- we just need peace. We need people to respect one another and understand our differences.

2. Keep our world clean- we need to educate our human race on keeping this world clean. Stop polluting our water, our land and air. Each one of us could make small changes in helping keep or worked clean.

3. Bring back family values- I fear we have lost our family values. Where has the family unit gone? I don’t mean the traditional family, mom, dad and 2.5 kids. That’s not being reasonable or realistic. I don’t think there are rules when it comes to your family unit. It doesn’t matter who makes up your family. Any group of loving, caring committed people living together and functioning as a unit can be considered a family. Where I think its gone wrong is through connection. Have we lost our connectedness?

Are we so consumed with a busy life that we no longer take the time to connect with our family? We carry phones around all day, searching for the next connection on social media. Yet we sit comfortably still right next to our loves ones without reaching out and associating with them. We need to put down our technology, sit down at dinner tables, bring back the magic of Christmas and pull together our own sets of family values.

Well my lovelies, in a nutshell thats my story 🙂

Unitl next time, good night and god bless~

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