February 7th~What do you take care of yourself when you are stressed?

I am a talker, I like to talk things through when I am stressed. If I can find someone to listen, someone who I can trust then i like too talk my problems out.

I have an amazing psychologist who I have been seeing for a few years, he helps tremendously with issues that arise in my life. He also helps with my PTSD diagnosis.

One thing I do when I’m stressed is cook, I love nothing more than to get a new recipe and try it out. I love to be alone in my kitchen, no one home, music on and off I go. In my own little world.

I also love to listen to music, typically while I am cooking. But music for me is very important, it alone is therapy. I was raised with a mother who also played music as much as she could. It always felt safe when the music played, the demeanour in the house was happy. We loved music, and I continued to play it in my own home as my children grew.

I also enjoy watching YouTube, there is something about fluffing off to be alone and watching a good YouTube Channel. Whether its a family blogger or a paranormal channel, that kind of thing helps keep my mind off struggles.

Massage for me is a release of tension, and I am lucky enough to two massages a month.

I have to say, the number one thing I do for stress is run. I absolutely love my treadmill. I do manage to get on it everyday for an hour. It helps with back pain, my mental health and my overall state of being. If I could leave you with any advice it would be that any form of exercise is life changing. It’s not even about weight loss, its about the feeling of running off stress, anxiety and pain. Exercise is better than any drug.

I do have PTSD and my mental health at times is very fragile. I am constantly in a state of fight or flight and I am struggling greatly with anxiety.

I live a structured life, I find following a routine helps me cope and with daily life. Life is simple when i know what each day is going to bring, I plan out each day, it hasn’t always been like that but I have found the last couple years that its easier to cope if I have a plan.

I hope that I have left you with some ideas, if you are struggling with stress please take care of you~ As a mother I know its a challenge to find the time for you, kids, husbands, partners, pets and jobs take so much from us. It’s so very important to give back to you. Each day find some time for you, jump on the treadmill, read a book, write a blog, visit a psychologist or have coffee with a friend. Even if that means getting up long before anyone in your house wakes, do it…it will make a difference in your life.

Well my lovelies, until next time…good night and god bless~

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