February 8th~ Five things To Do Less often

Five things that I would like to do less often? I will go in order of relevance to me. Five being the least important and one being the most~

5. Eat donuts….I would say Paul and I take a trip to our local donut shop once a week. Yep! We have one night a week where we eat some pretty amazing donuts. I suppose maybe we should cut that back to two times a month. Especially considering how hard it seems to be for me to loose some weight.

4. Shop On-line…I’m a shopper, and I love the online option. I wish I could possibly cut back on this. To be honest I’m mostly buying things for my dogs, its a terrible habit. I’m going to work on that.

3. Swearing….I’m a curser. I’m sorry. I do swear a lot, mostly while with friends while socializing and telling stories. I don’t typically swear while sitting at home with my family. I don’t just curse at my kids or my husband, i do have words. It’s just when I’m with friends, I tend to enhance a story with some F words.

2. Being so pessimistic…I definitely need to work on this. I am a very kind, loving person. I truly do want the best for people and I love to see friends and family happy. Unfortunately I do tend to think a bit negatively a little too often. I guess part of it is due to my PTSD, and I do work very hard at staying positive. I am not at all naive, and I am very suspicious of people. You pretty much have to prove to me first that you are a good person, until I see the good in you…i will hold you hostage and not let you too close.

1. Stop checking social media. I do a lot of my work from my phone and iPad. The job that I have is pretty much all related to communication and google searching. So i spend a lot of time on my phone. Sometimes when I’m waiting for someone, or waiting for a meeting I just hop on my phone and pop onto facebook. Takes two minutes, but I hate how it makes me feel. I need to stop. This one I will work on. Unfortunately I am not one of those people who can check facebook, instagram or twitter throughout the day and not comment, like or subscribe. Those people make me laugh, they claim that they are never on fb but you darn well know they are creeping around watching what’s going on in others life’s. I just can’t sit back and watch, I like to show support but liking a status or commenting on a picture. I like to support people and if that means thumbing up a status..then thats what I’ll do. I can’t scroll past consciously and ignore it. That’s who I am~

Well my lovelies, until next time..good night and god bless~

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