February 13th~Do you work better in the morning

I work better in the morning. I always have. I am an early riser, I like to get up early and have everything finished that needs to be done by 10am.

My typical morning routine is this. I get up at 6:15am (working on an earlier time), have my tea, toast and watch some news. Then I hit the treadmill for 7:30, usually done by 8:45 am, shower, walk the dogs and finished my morning routine by 10:30am. That’s when I can start the rest of my day. Emails, phone calls, appointments, groceries etc etc…the day fills up pretty quickly.

My dream would be to be up at 6am and on the treadmill by 6:15am…that my friends would be the perfect morning. 🙂

Well its actually been a busy day, I would love to sit and chat a bit longer but I’m exhausted. So until tomorrow my lovelies, good night and god bless~

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