February 14th~Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day To You…

How has your Valentine’s day been my friends? Today has been a good day in my house, I surprised Braden and Cam with some Valentine treats in Braden’s luggage. I got a lovely text from Braden saying thank you and he loves me. Kailey recieved some treats and a card from Paul and I…she loves candy, not much of a chocolate lover so we surprised her with candies. I have had 25 Valentines with Paul….we have not missed one. Every valentines day we have been happy and together, that’s a blessing and something I am very proud of. It has been important to both of us that we treat each Valentine’s day like it was our first, it has been important to us to not become mundane in our celebrations and continue to surprise eachother with a small gift, dinner or flowers. We have got creative through the years..we have had those valentine’s where money was an issue. We have had to cook dinner at home, we have made gifts for eachother, we have wrote letters, dipped strawberries and drank wine, locked ourselves in our bedroom, lit candles and had some quiet moments, we have made dinner with the kids and included them in our celebrations and we even were in Mexico one year for Valentines day. We have missed eachother on the 14th, but we made up for the lost time on a different date. I can always count on beautiful flowers and a card that makes me smile, maybe this year…sit down with your spouce/partner and try to think of each year you have spent together and recount all your valentine celebrations. Paul and I have done that and we have shared in some pretty funny memories. I wanted to post a few ideas that I found on Pinterest to share on my blog..especially for those who may be struggling financially…its not always about the gift, most importantly its about the time you give eachother. Its about laughing, smiling and quiet times spent between the two of you. Even if you have young children…include them in your famly valentines dinner, let them help out in the kitchen. We use to do this with our kids, and I would play “Love Songs” in the kitchen and we would talk about romance, love and relationships..but only at their “kid” level..you can never start to young expressing the importance of how you deserve to be treated…and/or how you should treat those you love…including yourself..if you so happen have to spend a valentines day alone, treat yourself…be good to yourself, thats ok..and its important! 
I found this cute, cheap idea that I thought I would share…you could totally get white cheap pillow cases at Walmart, Target or even the Dollarstore..
I am sure you could even find Fabric Markers at those stores as well..but seriously, you could totally do this on your own..what a cheap, cute inexpensive idea for a Valentines gift for your love~

This was originally what I wanted to do for Paul…I mean how easy is this and what man wouldn’t love a bag of peanuts and a cool bottle of  beer? Perfect..right?

This is something that i would love to do for Paul next year…he would LOVE this..especially the cigar…the beer glass i would have engraved I think. Make it a bit more personal. 

 Well my friends, Whatever you do today and whoever you are with..i am wishing you lots of love and happiness, smile plenty, hug tight and kiss strongly. Much love to you my lovelies..until tomorrow good night and god bless~

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