Above all else..people will always remember you by how you made them feel~ Never forget that!

100 Things I want to Teach My Daughter

 #88 Above all else…People Will Always Remember You By How You Made Them Feel~ Never Forget That~

It’s not going to matter what you do for people, what’s more important is how you made them feel.

My advice to you is that you always make those around you feel good when they are with you. You will want others to love who they are when they are with you. 
Don’t mistaken that for feeling like you are responsible for someone else’s happiness…that is NOT your job. 

It feels really good to make others smile, to share in a laugh. Its important to be there for someone in a time of weakness, make yourself available to those in your life. 
Don’t get caught up in someone else’s drama, its perfectly ok to know when something or someone is effecting your life in a negative way. Once again, its not your job to save someone. 
Someone else’s problems are not your problems. It’s ok to be there for them, to do a little an act of kindness. Drop off soup for someone who may be fighting a cold, deliver a coffee to tired friend. Prepare a meal for a mourning family, there are many many things you can do for someone to make them feel good. But never think you can fix their problems. 

You want someone to be able to say at the end of the day “Oh that Kailey Martz really liked my outfit today, she told me how pretty I looked. That made my day…” 
Give compliments, LOTS of them. Always pay attention and always looks someone in the eye. That validates their existence. It will make them feel good to be with you~

Don’t mistake kindness for taking advantage of, always do something that you want too…not something that you feel you have too. 
Well my lovelies, its a quick one tonight. Hoping you got something out of this post…so until tomorrow good night and god bless~

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