February 21st~ A good thing from today!

Overall today was a good day~

But I think the best thing was our date night. Every Thursday we have dinner out and enjoy each others company. Although Paul technically is home, he does work from home and us quite busy these days.

Another great part of the day was picking yo our finished pieces from Valentine’s Day, our clay pieces that we painted. We were both very impressed with how it turned out. I will include a couple pictures below. I also took the cutest pic of Ollie, uploaded to instagram. The sun was out today, and we were listening to some music. I purchased a hoody for Ollie a little while ago and wanted a pic of him in it.  He truly is the cutest little boy. He truly doesn’t mind posing for me. The sunglasses are always easy with him.

seriously tho…isn’t he the cutest~

Here is our finished pieces…

we will definitely be back again



Paul’s Pasta bowl and my moon plate…see the white dot on my plate? That’s a small star in the sky…lol…thats what i tell people 😉


Good night lovelies~

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