February 22nd~ Christmas with the Martz’s

I know, I know, this is a late post about Christmas. I’m sorry its just Christmas was chaotic this year and i felt very misplaced. So I’m just getting around to posting some of our Christmas celebrations now.

Every year I get a picture of these two crazies at the window looking out for Santa Clause. This is our front window in our home, and they get their Christmas Jammie’s on every year and pose for me at the window. Lol…just amuse me 😉

This is our front hallway, I just love these little red Santa face garland. This year we put our tree in the front hallway. Wasn’t sure if we were going to like it there but it ended up looking so pretty. Usually we put it in the dining room, but i was worried we wouldn’t have enough room this year because I was expecting some company over the holidays. I wanted to keep more room around the dining table. Regardless we did like it here and will probably do it again next year too. I usually set up 3 Christmas trees in this house. We only did one this year, it was fine. Sometimes less is more 🙂I’m not sure if I ever mentioned but pretty much every get together at the Martz’s ends up being a dance party in the kitchen. Here is my beautiful freckled fox with my dad, her papa. They are having a dance in the kitchen. Now this wouldn’t be Christmas without my parents dancing. Actually they dance anytime, doesn’t matter when or where. I love that about them, they have taught this whole family to always dance. I love that about them ~Mom and Kailey trying my Christmas sangria in Christmas bulbs. I wanted to try something different.

I ordered a cake this year for dessert, it was delicious. I also ordered this cake topper which says “Christmas with the Martz”s”…absolutely fell in love with this~

Well my lovelies, until tomorrow good night and god bless~

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