Happy International Puppy Day~


I hope you have been blessed at some point in your life with a puppy. I have had many puppy’s. While growing up we had a couple dogs, Husky, Great Dane, mixed breed Sharpai, Lahpso Apso and one little puppy that unfortunately was very sick when my parents brought him home. He passses away the same night. It was such a sad time.

When I became an adult Paul and I moved out and we got a German Shepard mixed with we think a Lab. We named her Taya, she was a great dog. Unfortunately it didnt work out with Taya and we ended up finding her a better home. That is one of my biggest regrets in life. I am a firm believer in if you get a puppy, kitten, or any animal then you keep it for its whole life. NO rehoming, NO dropping off at a shelter, you keep that animal forever. Now, if you are unable to care for the animal the way it should be then I do think you should find him/her a good home.

I will forever be sad about rehoming Taya, I hope she had a great life despite our stupid decision to let her go.

Our second family dog was a big ol’ yellow lab that we named Harley. He was my boy~

Even though I was raised with some amazing dogs, my whole life I wanted a yellow lab. I’m sure that has something to do with the movies, ever notice every family dog in the 80’s was a yellow lab? 🙂

Well when our son was 4 years old and our daughter was 1, we found a breeder of Labrador Retreivers and went to visit the farm they were on. We first asked for a female dog, but fortunately they were all spoken for. We were offered a male, this was new to me because we have only had females. A new adventure.

I did not choose the name Harley at first. I wanted to name him Abe. But the breeder went on an alphabet system and each litter that was born was given the letter of the alphabet that it fell on. So H it was. I liked Harrison, but then my mom mentioned Harley. I misunderstood the breeder and didnt realize I could name him whatever I wanted, he just had to have a second name that started with an H.

I suppose I panicked and spoke out the name “Harley Harrison Martz”, and that was it. He was Harley.

We carried through life with Harley, he was a challenge especially with 2 young children in tow. I wouldn’t have changed a thing, he was the best dog ever to have raised a family with. When he turned 6 years old, we decided to get another lab. We found the same breeder, and took another trip out to the farm. We actually set out to get a Chocolate Lab, and we had hoped for another male. Well the litter that was available did not have any chocolate labs OR any males. So we had a choice, either take the female yellow lab or wait until the next litter.

We met with the puppies and Finley was the one who had the most interest in us. She kept coming over to us trying to get right underneath Braden’s wheelchair. She belonged to us from the moment we saw her. Finley’s litter fell in line with the letter S from the alphabet. I was smarter this time around. We had her name picked, I just had to have a second name that started with an S. Finely Skylar Martz it was.

She is such a smart girl, it’s been sad seeing her age. She is in her 12th year.

Oliver Martz was next. We had two yellow labs, but I had come across this breed called a “Morkie”. They are a mix of a Yorkie and a Maltese. Cutest little buttons i ever did see.

We really did not need another dog. But my kids were getting older, I was still thinking of having another baby. I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I begged Paul to let me get a “teacup” Morkie. My mom ended up getting a cute little Yorkie, his name is Mac. She got him without asking my dad. So when she brought him home he was pissed off. My mom ran up to my house with Mac in tow, asked if I could keep him for a little bit until my dad came around. I agreed, he stayed with me for not even 2 hours but I fell in love. For a moment I thought he would be mine. But then my mom came back and basically said “I don’t care” what your dad thinks I’m keeping him. Little Mac went back home with mom, and not even 4 hours later my dad had him in his arms and today they are best friends.

Having Mac however for the short time really pushed my desire full steam ahead. I wanted a Morkie. Oliver arrived in our home not much later 🙂 He is the love of my life (obviously next to Paul). He has provided me with a comfort and calmness that I so badly needed. He is the best thing I did for myself.

Shortly after we got Oliver, Harley passed away. We were then down to 2 dogs….so boring~

Pretty much our whole family wanted another little dog. You see Ollie bonded with me, and he only has eyes for me. He loves his family but when it comes to cuddles, snuggles or love…him’s wants him’s mom!

When Ollie was almost 4 we decided on another little dog. This time she was going to be a family dog. I told my husband and kids that they have to step up with this one because little dogs tend to bond with the one who cares for them the most, and most likely that would be me.

We answered an AD on Kijiji and quickly realized this beautiful litter of puppies was literally across the street.

OMG we are going to have 3 dogs again….we are crazy!!!

We visited the family who was raising these puppies and we had some visits with our little girl. We had the name Ella picked from the beginning. We did shift to and from Ella and Piper for a bit. Paul liked the name  Ella best, so we went with that.

We brought her home just before Christmas, she was a crazy little girl. She loved Finn. Her and Ollie had a love/hate relationship for quite some time.

The great thing about Ella is that she did bond with the whole family. She took to each one of us, she is often the favourite..lol don’t tell Oliver. 😉

She is the sweetest little girl with the most hilariously funny quirks. But we love her beyond infinity. I love that she likes to cuddle with the whole family and not just me. To be honest, I believe if given the choice between Paul or I…she would choose Paul. She is a daddy’s girl through and through. She follows him everywhere, she works with him around the house and she holds him accountable for her evening ritual of playing with the “babies” (her toys)

So there you have it, that is our pack. They each bring something different to our lives, they are our family and we love them like our own children. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for these dogs~

I hope you are celebrating International Puppy Day with as much love as I am.

Unitl next time, God Bless~

5 thoughts on “Happy International Puppy Day~

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I wish our city was more dog friendly so we could take them everywhere with us. Sounds like your pups are blessed in a loving home~

      I haven’t heard of a Malshi, but I bet the Maltese behaviors are the same as my Morkie..bossy little boogers!! Lol


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