So Stressed Out but So Excited~


I’m sitting here, upstairs in my bedroom on a Saturday evening trying to come up with a good blog post. I’ve got nothing. I’m so very sorry, but right now life just seems so stressful. I’m currently waiting for a team of painters to finish up todays work so that I can at least have my main floor back in my custody. They are a great group of guys, I have NO complaints but these past few weeks my home has been filled with all sorts of people. BooHoo….I know, poor Chrissy…

I am very grateful, I am blessed and I am aware that this is just a small amount of sacrifice for a long term life of contentment. BUT… is not easy having people in your home all week and then ALL weekend. The work has to get done, I know that. As I sit here, I am feeling the pains of renovations. I’m intitled to that.

Today we had painters show up at 7:30am, we had a bannister installer here for 8:00am, a hot water tank guy here at 11am, and a basement washroom tile guy here at around 1pm. It has been busy,  The painters started here Thursday night at 4-9pm, and then again Friday night. SO we haven’t had an evening yet too relax in our living room and spend time together. I can’t leave the pups, both Oliver and Ella are frightened of the noises. If given the chance I’m afraid  they would run out a slightly opened door. They did that before on Paul at the cottage, and they were missing for 45 minutes. Little buggers.

That leaves me kinda stuck here. I do take them out with me to my parents, or shopping. Thankfully i’ve been able to work from home which means I haven’t had to leave them.

Not gonna lie, its been so stressful around here lately. There just seems too be so much going on. Not bad stuff, its all good just different. New things for all of us, Braden, Paul and I and even Kailey. Change always sends me into chaos. All in good time, I know it will all sort out, everything will be finished and we will be spending some peaceful time around our pool with some nice cold drinks.

Well my lovelies, I’ve done it! This is day 6 of blogging everyday. I’m so proud of myself. I hope to keep going!!

Hope your are all having a wonderful Saturday, until next time..good night and god bless~ xx


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